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1Million Meditators Journey shares the vision of the 1Million Meditators movement to bring together one million souls worldwide as one consciousness to connect with each other and Universal Love. To feel LOVE for ourselves and for the planet, all of its people independent of age, race, nationality, creed, political affiliation, religion, or sexual orientation, for all it’s sentient beings, flora and fauna, and bodies of water!

This Tsunami of LOVE will spread across the globe for 24h hours non stop and will raise our collective vibration to one of PEACE, COMPASSION & ABUNDANCE for AL

Along this journey I will share insights on how meditation has shaped my life and how it can help you recreate yours, by offering advice and inspiration, and sharing tens, hundreds and we hope thousands of stories about how meditation has transformed people’s lives for the better.

I am so excited that you are embarking on this journey with me!


t happened during our last walking meditation on the beautiful beach of Breathless Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa during the Dr. Joe Dispenza Advanced Workshop where I chose to swim the entire time instead of walking. There were over 500 beautiful souls meditating on the beach, walking as their new selves.

My intent was to carry all of those 500+ vibrations into the ocean to heal the planet through LOVE. As we were all emanating so much love I knew that 500+ vibrations of love would have a huge impact on the water that connects everybody and everything on our planet, our source of life. I listened to Dr. Joe's meditation before I entered the water and then swam the entire time saying and feeling: I LOVE YOU! As in me, loving myself, and as in all of you, the people on the beach, and as in you, our beautiful life giving planet!

Something magical happened!

Something I haven't felt since I swam across Lake Ontario for 14 hours through the night to raise money and awareness for abused children. Back then my intent was to celebrate my own healing and to give hope to others that healing is possible hence the name of the project "Swim of Hope". Many tried to discourage me telling me that big strong free-styling men had drowned attempting to cross this lake that is as big as a sea and that a 127 lb female breast-stroker wouldn't stand a chance. But guess what? Just like I heard Dr. Joe say, years after my marathon swim, I was consumed by the belief that I can do it and that unseen forces will come to my aid just when I needed them. And they did indeed! Hundreds of volunteers joined this 16 months long project and even the lake "pitched" in. Whenever I would ask "carry me please" I would take one stroke and then the waters would carry me for what seemed like minutes. It was mystical!

Well that morning in Cancun I decided to bring our vibration of love into the ocean, to help it thrive again. As I sent out our collective vibration into the water with each stroke I took, each time it would be reverberated back into my whole body and my mind with an indescribable, uncontainable intensity! I felt one with all of the beautiful souls on the beach, the entire humanity, the whole universe, the Divine mind!

Oh and the proof that I was pure consciousness in those moments lies in the fact that my body's chemistry changed. I became buoyant! During Dr. Joe Dispenza’s workshop we are asked to dimensionalize an object. I couldn't decide what I wanted to manifest so I just left it up to the Divine. I said:

Surprise me! Give me a gift that I’ve been wanting for a long time, that I do not expect any more, and that will astound me beyond my wildest imagination!

You see, there are some people who just can't float. I was one of them before Cancun. Yes, a marathon swimmer who couldn't float even if her life depended on it (pun intended!) Before you attribute my new-found buoyancy to the salty water of the ocean I will tell you that I used to spend my summers in the Black Sea growing up (which is a very salty sea) and I would sink like a rock each time I tried to float.

You see, there are some people who just can't float. I was one of them before Cancun. Yes, a marathon swimmer who couldn't float even if her life depended on it. Pun intended. :) And before you will attribute my new found buoyancy to the salty water of the ocean I will tell you that I used to spend my summers at the Black Sea while growing up (which is a very salty sea) and I would sink like a rock each time I tried to float.
This is when the 1Million Meditators movement was born! It did not have a name but a huge desire to bring LOVE to all humanity, our beautiful blue planet and all it’s beings.
I shared my epiphany with Dr. Joe and he said: “You go for it girl! And remember to do the work daily!”, he added with a loving smile!

So today I’m calling you to action! Please consider gifting 15 minutes of your precious life to help heal our planet! It is possible! We are all Intentional Creators!

Join the 1MillionMeditators.com movement and choose participate in one of the many Global Mediations Flash Mobs and as a you meditate and love yourself you will to send out the most beautiful and most powerful emotion know to humanity: LOVE! Together we will help our planet thrive again and usher humanity into a new global consciousness of ONENESS!  

“Breakthroughs not breakdowns.” – Brene Brown.

My own journey and proof of stepping into my true power lies in a series of significant shifts I have made in all areas of my life. By raising my energy and investing in my own mental, spiritual and physical well-being, I have turned my “breakdowns into breakthroughs” and have metamorphosed into a high energy, all loving and joyful being!

With a lot of hard work and determination, I have built six and seven figure businesses in the Information Technology and Real Estate Investing industries. I have been a mentor to new IT Project Managers in Canada, budding real estate investors, teenagers aspiring to be public speakers, athletes training for marathons and new entrepreneurs on a mission to create conscious businesses.

As a serial entrepreneur who is all about making the impossible, possible and the ordinary, extraordinary and I now know deep down that my purpose/mission is one of helping others transform their lives and businesses by changing their mindset and their energetic vibration.

“From Ambition to Meaning” – Wayne Dyer.

In 2015 I was nominated for “Woman of the Year” for my marathon swim of 13 and a half hours across Lake Ontario. What drove me to train up to 13 hours per day for 13 months was the intense desire to help raise awareness and funds for children who have been abused.

My swim, and the dedication of countless volunteers helped raise over $10,000 for a safe house where children who have suffered horrendous abuse can disclose their pain and trauma within the first 72 hours of it happening, after which a child will often fall silent, internalise the trauma and assume blame and shame.

In the Fall of 2015 I organized Toronto’s first ever Laughter Flash Mob in Nathan Phillips Square. Over 300 people participated in the event and it was televised by three stations. A completely volunteer-run event, its intent was to make a difference in the lives of people who are less fortunate and might not look forward to Thanksgiving, which is an incredibly joyous event for many. Over 300 people expressed their gratitude for all that they are and all that they have by giving back something that is free and uplifting to both the giver and the receiver: laughter!

“There is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than follow your passions – in a way that serves the world and you.” - Richard Branson

As an immigrant I was initially driven by financial security. What motivates me today is making a difference in the world!

In this video I share my vision of vitality, connection, affluence, meaning and contribution.

This is why I am focussing all of my energy and financial resources on two new exciting projects: “1Million Meditators” and “SØULmate”. I’m done working for big corporations, I’m done building businesses that only bring financial rewards! I am ready to serve! I am now creating a humanitarian movement (“1Million Meditators”) and business (“SØULmate”) that I am hugely passionate about and which both will help humanity reach a higher vibration of LOVE.

1Million Meditators: Love Yourself & The Planet is a global initiative hosting meditation flash mobs worldwide, on the same day in different locations; like a big tidal wave of love it is meant to help our beautiful planet heal.

On September 23rd, 2017 the in-person meditation flash mobs will be joined by online meditators and will be broadcast live. So far, we have 14 cities on board (including Toronto, Sydney, Austin, Chicago, Mexico City, New York, San Antonio, London, Berlin and Amsterdam) and by September 23rd, we estimate that we will have around 10,000 participants.

*If you would like to become an ambassador in your city, follow this link for more information.

By 2020, 1Million Meditators will reach 1,000,000 meditators worldwide with the sole purpose to change the vibration of our planet to one of LOVE. To support this project, we are launching SØULmate, a physical product to the meditation market: a posture enhancing, portable and comfortable meditation seat. Proceeds from our Kickstarter campaign, and sales of SØULmate will contribute to funding the 1Million Meditators movement.

If you feel called to become an ambassador, please click here to let us know.

New high vibrating energies come from Ambassadors who volunteer to help set up and lead their own meditation flash mob.
The whole movement is only possible thanks to generous Ambassadors worldwide who believe in making this world a better place.

Thank you!
I love you!
Your Planet, your home! 🙏❤️🌍

We are deeply grateful to each and every person that has contributed to bringing 1Million Meditators to life:

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